Who Needs Vehicle Wraps?

by Jeff Newman on March 11, 2014

Vehicle wraps are a great way to show what you’re passionate about, whether it’s your hobby or business. You can attract attention, start conversations, and get new customers with vehicle graphics.

Some car hobbyists will use vehicle wraps to change the look of their cars, without resorting to an expensive paint job. Whether it’s a partial wrap with flames or a cool-looking design, or even an entire covering to protect the car and give it a new look, vehicle wraps are perfect for car enthusiasts.

It’s the same for businesses. Everywhere you go, you can use your vehicle to start a conversation with a potential customer. For those who elect to use vehicle wraps as a way to promote their business, pulling up to a business meeting or driving through town in a snazzily-wrapped vehicle is an excellent way to grab people’s attention.

EL Harvey Truck WrapTypically, vehicle wraps are used to advertise businesses. Anywhere you go in a wrapped vehicle can be a potential sales opportunity or lead to a connection that will net you more business down the road. Even going out to lunch on a Sunday afternoon in your wrapped vehicle can kick up a dialogue with a fellow restaurant-goer who may not only be a potential customer, but may even pass your name on to other potential buyers that she knows as well.

People in the trades can benefit from vehicle wraps. Plumbers, dry cleaners, florists, and electricians can all use vehicle wraps to promote their business. Many of these tradesmen have trailers, which can also boost visibility if they are wrapped. Anyone who wants to promote themselves and what they do are great candidates for vehicle wraps.

Vehicle wraps are rolling billboards. It gives visibility to your product or business to people who might otherwise not see it. As an example, one of Signarama Framingham’s installation vans is completely wrapped, and we get comments all the time about how it is seen all over town.

If you’d like to learn how you can use vehicle wraps for your own business, please visit our website. You can also find the Signarama store nearest you with our online store locator.

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