Why a POS Sign Is Important For Your Business

by Maggie Harlow on November 6, 2012

A POS sign, or point-of-sale sign, is more than just a small sign at a cash register.

The whole point of the POS sign is really an encouragement and education for potential customers. POS signs come in a variety of types. You can have a freestanding POS sign at a check-out area, standing on the floor. It can be a graphic on the wall, like a wall wrap, posters, or even temporary graphics in windows grabbing attention as customers enter into the store.

In every business, there are so many products and services customers are not aware of, so it’s important to educate them on what the businesses offer. If a customer is at your store buying one product, they may not realize that you have a complimentary product available. You can put that message out there with a POS sign, and educate them through the entire buying process.

Take the wall wrap, for example. A wall wrap can make a big impact if you’re launching a new product or want to show items you already have for sale.

While these signs are temporary, they can make a big impact. If a business were to designate a wall in the showroom to be a graphic wall with a new wall wrap POS sign every six months, that graphic becomes relevant and interesting to customers.

Wall wraps can even be used in business-to-business settings. For example, for businesses that deal in graphics or marketing, wall wraps can be a way of demonstrating your capabilities and prowess. A wall wrap POS sign that changes often can also show visitors and potential clients that your business is ever-growing and expanding.

Poster displays are another way to attract attention. In clothing stores, there are many poster displays showing what items are on sale; they can be found outside of dressing rooms, pointing out what may go well with a sweater that a customer is trying on; they can be found beside a table of pants or shirts, hinting at coordinating shoes or jackets; and so forth.

A well-placed POS sign opens up a whole realm of possibilities. By using POS signs smartly, a customer can be encouraged to add on more purchases before he or she gets ready to check out.

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