Why Should I Update My Business Sign?

by Aaron Friedman on February 7, 2013

There are many reasons a business might consider updating a sign. However, updating your sign just because you are “tired of seeing it” is not a great reason for coming up with a new sign design. Typically what happens is business owners get tired of their marketing materials because they’ve been exposed to it long before the public ever saw it. They also see it all day, every day, whereas even the regulars don’t see it very often. Get feedback from several customers first to find out if they’re tired of it (chances are, they aren’t).

Having said that, there are times you may want or need a new sign. For one thing, if you have an old, outdated, crumbling sign in front of your business, that’s not conducive to attracting potential customers. Old signs often mean failing business or poor quality, whether it’s true or not. New signs signal strong business, high quality, and great success.

Lighted Eagle Boys Pizza sign Some businesses will update to a lighted box sign.Having an updated business sign also tells consumers that you take pride in your business. That is, you care enough to update your sign when it becomes old and outdated. If your sign still has a design from the 70’s, and you’re not in the 70’s nostalgia business, what does that say about your business and your attitude toward it?

You can also draw a comparison between a new business sign and a new website. A new look online will often get people’s interest, even if they’ve visited before. You — hopefully — don’t have your first website from 2003, so why would you keep the same tired old sign if you don’t need to? People might pass by the same old sign day by day, and never notice it. But if you had an updated business sign, they may stop by for a second look when they see your new one available.

Finally, if you have redesigned your other branding materials and marketing collateral, like a new corporate logo and look, you’ll definitely want to update your sign as well. If your business sign still uses the old logo, customers may become confused about your old versus new look.

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