Why Your Band’s Tour Bus Needs Window Graphics

by Casey Valiant on January 19, 2016

For bands who have graduated from piling into the drummer’s van and are finally rocking the big tour bus, congratulations and good luck on your tour! Before you leave, however, you may want to consider some window graphics for your bus. They’re a low-cost way to promote your band, protect your privacy, and even help keep your bus cooler. Here are a few reasons to use them.

Bus Window GraphicsThey give you some privacy. The perforated window graphics keep people from seeing inside the bus, but they still let people see out. So you can watch the scenery going by, or check out the mob scene outside the concert venue, but people can’t really tell who’s inside. So it gives you some anonymity without completely blocking the view.

They promote the band. Turn the bus into a rolling billboard for your next album and tour with some killer window graphics. Adapt the album cover to fit the window size, add the tour dates, and you’re getting some tour publicity as you drive from show to show.

They keep the bus cooler on hot summer days. Your window graphics can act as a window shade of sorts. Rather than having hot summer sun beat through the windows and make the bus too hot, your window graphics can block out most of the sun, and let the air conditioner work more efficiently. Even if you don’t use your graphics for promoting your band, you can at least use them for shade and privacy.

They’re easily updated. Unlike a paint job or even a vehicle wrap, window graphics are fairly easy to update and change. If you’re on the second leg of a tour, you can swap out the panel of tour dates and locations, while keeping the rest of the image intact. You can make any changes or updates to your band’s look and information, without redoing the entire project. Talk to your Signarama professional about designing your window graphics so the updates only need to be made to a smaller section.

If you’d like more information on window graphics for your band’s tour bus, please visit the Signarama website. You can also find your local Signarama store (or the Signarama at your next tour stop) with our online store locator.

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