Window Graphics May Have City and Property Restrictions

by Nancy Rosenberg on May 16, 2013

Before hanging window graphics in a business window, it is important to research any local restrictions that may govern their use and display. Otherwise, you could find yourself ticketed, fined and facing steep replacement costs.

In Atlanta proper, we have a “Can’t Cover More Than 15% Rule.” However, each city, suburb and even neighborhood may be different. As an illustration, here is an example of the basic Atlanta restrictions: If you are dealing with an eight-foot by 10-foot window, that’s 80 square feet. If you’re only allowed to cover 15 percent of that surface area with window graphics, you would only be able to cover 12-square-feet total of the entire window.

Coffee shop window graphic covering the entire windowSince this rule varies — and there’s always some variation of it in place — when we work with a SIGNARAMA Buford customer, we always urge them to go big and bold on their window graphics in order to get the message across as someone drives or walks by their location. They will need to consider height, drive-by traffic and so forth.

Finding out what rules apply in your neighborhood can take a bit of digging. Each city has its own ordinance, and usually they have a sign permit department. Additionally, many of these departments also allow these permits to be picked up online.

You should also recognize that there are city ordinances and county ordinances too – and the customer must abide by the restrictions that apply where they got their business license.

Sometimes there are landlord or property management restrictions about window graphics in place as well. These restrictions can trump a city or county’s restrictions, so you should have a “sign lease” from the landlord to make sure everything meets their specifications and no misunderstandings lead to the removal of your signage.

All the SIGNARAMA stores have to be fluent in the various restrictions within their area and the steps to ensure proper display of all window graphics. If you need help, your local SIGNARAMA store can always assist with your permits. For more information regarding window graphics, please visit the SIGNARAMA website.

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