Your Modular Trade Show Displays Can Make or Break Your Company’s Success at a Convention

by Mary Mills on March 12, 2014

The modular trade show displays you use at a convention or exhibition really can make or break the success of the event. A truly great display can help to catapult your business way ahead of the competition, and it really isn’t rocket science! There are, however, a few things to remember when designing the modular trade show displays that will work best for your business.Hopup Tension Fabric trade show display from SIGNARAMA Lansing East

Want to stand out from the competition at the convention or trade show you are attending?

Remember to include:

1. A great product or service – naturally

2. Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable staff – of course

3. Fabulous modular trade show displays – without which the first two items may be pretty much redundant. If your trade show display does nothing to catch the attention of the passersby – aka your potential customers – then your company is pretty much wasting time, effort and money participating in the trade show.

A great modular trade show display will attract the attention of potential clients and draw them into your booth, which is where the great product and the professional, approachable staff come into their own. Your book should work to arouse the suspicions of the people at the trade show, they have to be unable to resist checking out what you have to offer and be willing to take that step just a
little bit further. If you are not able to draw them in to get them interested in your product then you are wasting your time – it doesn’t matter how fabulous your products or services are, because they will go unseen.

So what makes successful modular trade show displays?

Here are a few rules to follow, just in case you don’t happen to have the budget to pay for the services of a professional designer:

• Your display has a 3 second window to attract the attention of your potential customers – that’s it, just 3 second. If you have failed to connect with them and grab their attention within 3 seconds, they will have already moved on to the next booth.

• Your display must reflect some very fundamental topics – your industry, your brand and your mission.

• Successful modular trade show displays need a billboard with just one graphic to really attract attention – a focal point to grab their interest with a clear and easily understood message. Anything too complicated or messy will not work in just 3 seconds.

• You know who your audience is (or at least you ought to) so design your campaign based upon their needs, likes and wants.

• One sentence and one graphic design is all that is needed to grab the attention of your customers – simplicity is the key.

• Avoid busy billboards and signs with printed backgrounds detracting from your clear, simple and concise message – it’s the message you want to get across to your customers and not the confusing background.

• Make sure that your billboard poster is easy to read as far as the color is concerned. A stark contrast is important – remember the 3 second rule. The text must be in a clear and contrasting color to the background.

• Do a little color psychology before settling on the color scheme for your modular trade show displays. Black signifies authority and power, whereas white is for purity and innocence. Red is the most attention grabbing of the colors and is used to denote love, whereas blue is more tranquil and peaceful. Green is for nature – naturally, and yellow is great for inducing the temper.

• Remember that empty white space can be a good use of space – cluttering up your space with too many words can make it difficult to read. Don’t be tempted to mix and match too many fonts either – choose two maximum – one for the heading and one for the text. Plenty of clear white space makes the message easier to read (we’re back at the 3 second rule again).

• The font you use is an important part of your poster too – some fonts might look extremely beautiful, but are, for all intents and purposes, difficult to read. Very scripted fonts may not be quite as effective in this situation as very clear, precise lettering. Remember that your customers and potential customers may have to read this message very quickly and from a sizeable distance away.

• Don’t forget to check out your allotted space before you decide upon the size of your modular trade show displays. You need to make the best use of the space possible with a sign which fits in well with the area allotted to it.

• Once your sign has been put into position remember to check that the lighting is conducive for easy reading. Hanging signs may be utilized to attract the attention of customers from a further distance away, but header signs can generally be printed with more information for the benefit of the customers.

Your business can really succeed if you just follow these few simple steps when you design your modular trade show displays. If you have any questions about the best types of signs and banners for your needs, then get with a professional printer / supplier – they should have lots of experience and experts to give you the advice you require.

A company which is willing to put in the design work before the trade show or exhibition has the perfect opportunity to rise above any company that does not – it really is as simple as that. It’s all about getting your products and / or services noticed and creating the right impression for your customers and potential customers. Modular trade show displays are the perfect opportunity for
your business to thrive with a captive audience – potentially thousands of prospective customers passing your booth over a short period of time. It really is one of the best opportunities you will have to reach a vast number of potential customers for a cost-effective price – work it right and your business will go from budding to blooming in the blink of an eye.

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