Your Vehicle Wrap Needs to Be Consistent With Your Marketing

by John Robbins on May 14, 2013

It’s tempting to make your vehicle wrap stand out more than your other marketing efforts. Splashy colors and attention-grabbing graphics are great, but all of your marketing materials, including vehicle wraps, should be compatible. When all the different pieces of your marketing match, it helps you portray a consistent message to potential customers.

It is also important to ensure that all of the artwork on your vehicle wrap is relevant. (Believe it or not, we need to say this sometimes.)

Your Vehicle Wrap Artwork Should Include. . .

Pickup truck vehicle wrap as a business signYour wrap needs to include the basic information and imagery that supports your brand image. This includes your company logo and supporting artwork. Corporate colors are the next area of focus, in other words, use the colors in your logo and expand them into the entirety of your vehicle wrap. If you can find a large, high-resolution image that conveys your company’s area of focus — say, a new swimming pool for a swimming pool installer — all the better to spread a message visually.

How Does Your Vehicle Wrap Look On the Road?

When a vehicle is traveling at 20, 30, or 40 plus miles-per-hour there is not much time to read or comprehend a wealth of information. So, those few seconds your company has to gain the attention of a passerby should not be wasted.

Your message should be recognizable, easy to understand and well defined. Too much information and clutter may render your brand unrecognizable, not easily understood or messy.

Consistency and Quality Is Very Important

The quality of your vehicle wrap reflects the quality of your business. If your vehicle is dirty, people who see it will think, “sloppy truck, sloppy workmanship.” If you let your wrap get scratched, dinged or faded, potential customers will think the same thing. Perception is reality, so whether the thought is true or not, a person’s perception of your brand via a vehicle wrap is a reflection on you.

Your company’s marketing should be viewed as its voice. It speaks for you when you are not around to relay your company’s image and brand strategy. This is why consistency, quality and branding are all very important to your business. A vehicle wrap may seem like a simple afterthought, but it needs to be a tactic is a strategy that can greatly affect your company moving forward into the future.

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